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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting
January 16, 2012
GVR Desert Hills Social Center Auditorium
Green Valley, AZ

The 34th Annual Meeting of the Esperanza Estates (EE) HOA was called to order at 1:00 PM by Thomas Cooke, HOA President.

The determination of a quorum was confirmed.

President Tom Cooke recognized and officially welcomed 16 new EE members and those attending an annual meeting for the first time.

The agenda was adopted as written with the possible addition of reports from the Gardeners and the Bienvenidos Committee.

President Cooke introduced Carl Schuster and Jack Ernest of Green Valley Council (GVC). Carl Schuster presented information about GVC’s purpose and some of its accomplishments. He stated that the goal of GVC has been to unify the ninety-one homeowners’ associations in Green Valley and provide them with a voice. GVC, he said, assesses needs, attempts to influence policy and strives for planning continuity. Jack Ernest presented the history of Green Valley from 1964 to the present and gave an overview of the structure of GVC. Residents of EE were encouraged to volunteer for GVC’s committees and attend their meetings.  Carl Schuster answered questions about the sale of state land to the west of EE and addressed concerns about the effects of mining on the water table.

President Cooke thanked Jack Ernest and Carl Schuster for their presentation.

President Tom Cooke introduced the Board and recording secretary.

Secretary Joe McCalpin introduced the three nominees for the Board: Dean Hess, Stacie Meyer and Joan Moreaux. Additional nominations were solicited from the members present. None were offered. A motion to close nominations was proposed, seconded and carried.

Treasurer Joan Moreaux presented the Treasurer’s Report. Copies had been distributed to members upon arrival. Answering a question from the audience, Treasurer Moreaux indicated that the HOA should have 100% of its annual budget in reserve, but that the goal had not yet been met.

Dean Hess reported on Common Area Maintenance. Grids have been established for scheduled maintenance work. Eighteen man-hours per week are allotted to maintain the 21 acres of common ground. Mr. Hess acknowledged that he was able to identify 8 work days not fulfilled in previous contracts and negotiated with the company to fulfill this obligation.

Mr. Hess and Boyd Morse addressed audience concerns about spraying for Buffel Grass. Homeowners will be notified of upcoming sprayings. Mr. Morse indicated that the sprays used are not harmful to pets.

Dean Hess reported on Architectural Control: He said the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of EE state what you can do with the exterior of your property. Appeal of a decision is possible through the Board. Dean Hess thanked Craig Surprise for creating forms for Architectural Control. Mr. Hess acknowledged that title companies request the opinion of the HOA as to the compliance of a property being sold. This, too, he indicated could be appealed.

Dean Hess reported on Capital Projects: He indicated that none are presently in the works. The feasibility of a storage building/restroom to be built near the tennis/pickle ball courts is, Mr. Hess reported, being investigated. Audience members indicated an interest in changing the CC&Rs to require a membership vote on large expenditures.

President Cooke reported on Recreational facilities. He reported that the pool cover had been repaired and that a 30 year old check valve in the sewer system serving the EE Ramada restrooms has been replaced with one that should reduce the need for a plumber’s services. The tennis/pickleball courts, he reported, are used by 40-50 players on 4-5 days a week. The EE Ramada, it was reported, has had few issues. A study of the Ramada’s acoustics has been done and a working group is considering solutions for noise reduction.

President Cooke thanked the many volunteers for their work.

Scotty Blum reported on the Hospitality Committee and thanked the committee and its volunteers for the many successful events. She reported that 97 paid members attended the last Hamburger night. There will be no hamburger nights in February or March. Arizona Centennial and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are planned in their place.

Barb McCalpin reported on the Enhancement committee. She expressed pride in the group and its men’s auxiliary. Eleven projects were funded last year. This year’s projects include new heaters, tables and chairs, and support for the Gardeners’ projects. An upgrade to the Ramada electrical system is being planned. The next fund raiser for the Enhancement Committee will be the Dessert Buffet. Participants are encouraged donate desserts and to provide recipes for a possible future cookbook.
President Cooke commented that the Enhancement Committee has provided over $25,000 for EE projects.

Mary Beth Wallace reported for the Neighborhood Watch Committee. Ms. Wallace thanked Barb McCalpin for serving on the Board, President Cooke for the Monday Morning Memo and Craig Surprise for the website and the EE directory. A new block captain not in the book is Kevin Welsh of zone 20.

President Cooke stated that EE’s GVC rep is Joe McCalpin.

The January 2011 minutes were approved.

President Cooke read the tally of election results.
Joan Moreaux -206
Stacie Meyer -199
Dean Hess -187
Nine names received a total of 12 write-in votes.
Joan Moreaux, Stacie Meyer and Dean Hess were declared elected to the Board.

A total of 209 votes were cast in the matter of the proposal to modify the CC&Rs to allow new trim colors received the following votes.
Yes—148; No—62; 1 Ballot contested.
With 179 votes needed for passage, the measure failed.

President Cooke announced that the following people would be honored with bricks to be installed in the Ramada: Steve ('Stoney') Brown, Craig Surprise, Barb McCalpin and Kathy Sawin.

Boyd Morris thanked President Cooke for the job he has done. A standing ovation followed.

Boyd Morse encouraged members to attend meetings. Mr. Morse stated that the Board would attempt to negotiate a favorable rate with a local trash hauling company. The Board would then recommend this company to residents of EE, residents being under no obligation to contract with the company. The intent of this project, he stated, was to reduce trash truck traffic and improve aesthetics. Discussion followed.

An audience member expressed concern over use of the Ramada restrooms by non-residents. President Cooke addressed the concern saying that issuing new keys for the pool would be costly and create problems. He encouraged residents to call him if non-residents are observed using the facility. Dean Hess volunteered to speak to the landscape company to request that their employees use the restrooms only when working on site.

A resident expressed concern over the identity of people playing pickleball, stating that he didn’t think they were residents. A sign-in sheet at the court was suggested.
President Cooke stated that he knew everyone who played pickleball and that they were all EE members and guests.

Board members were asked to stay for committee appointments.  President Cooke announced that, having held the office of president since 2006, he would be recruiting someone new for the office of President in 2012.  An audience member expressed his opinion to those present that the HOA is not a democracy. Members elect the Board to act for them. The CC&Rs would need to be amended to require any change in this.
President Cooke stated that the association is for all homeowners and that anyone can write up a proposal for change and give it to Secretary Joe McCalpin.

There being no other business, a motion to adjourn was proposed, seconded and passed.

President Tom Cooke adjourned the meeting at 2:54 PM.

Kristin T. Bean, Recording Secretary


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