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Esperanza Estates Homeowners' Association

Minutes of Annual Meeting

January 21, 2013

GVR Desert Hills Social Center Auditorium

Green Valley, AZ

The 35th Annual Meeting of the EEHOA was called to order at 2:06 pm by President Eric Ellingson.

The determination of a quorum was confirmed by Ben Sheffield.

President Ellingson explained the use of the Powerpoint agenda presentation and recognized 16 members who had not previously attended a meeting.

The agenda was approved as written.

There were no corrections or additions to the Minutes of the 2012 annual meeting.

President Ellingson introduced the Board and recording secretary.

Joe McCalpin explained the candidate selection process. 1) Those interested in serving on the board may contact the board. 2) Those interested in nominating another member of the HOA may contact the board; the board in turn contacts the member suggested to ascertain whether or not the member wishes to be nominated. 3) The nominating committee proposes members for nomination. 4) Nominations from the floor are called for at the annual meeting. None were offered from the floor at this meeting. Candidates Eric Ellingson, Sam Barnard, and Joe McCalpin were introduced. Nominations closed.

Joan Moreaux presented the December 31, 2012 Treasurer’s Report, explaining that the tennis court bathrooms had been added to fixed assets. A question about the efficacy of solar heating of the pool was taken from the floor. Tom Cooke replied that the solar installation had paid for itself. A member asked for the amount paid by the HOA annually for property taxes on the common areas. Treasurer Moreaux replied that the member would be contacted with the information.

Dean Hess reported on Common Area Maintenance. He reported that Hot Desert Landscaping continues to provide reliable landscape service and works well independently.  Boyd Morse and Tom Cooke provided excellent and cost effective weed control this summer using the EE-owned John Deere Gator with spray rig.  Regular trimming and cleaning in parks, arroyos and common areas, and the contributions of the Public Arts and Gardeners of EE, continue to improve the overall look and value of EE properties. Homeowners with concerns about maintenance in common areas should contact Mr. Hess.

Jim Lindberg presented a report on Architectural Control. Solar panels have been installed on several properties in EE with minimal visibility from the streets. Residents planning to add solar panels should contact Mr. Lindberg for planning assistance. Homeowners were reminded to contact Architectural Control first before changing anything on the exterior of their homes.

Boyd Morse reported on Capital projects. The restrooms at the pickleball/tennis courts have been completed, thanks to the hard work of Ben Sheffield, Kevin Welsh and others. Currently in the works-- repair of quad driveways. Storage space is in the planning stage.

Tom Cooke, Recreational Director, reported on the pool, ramada, courts, parks and trails. Cool decking has just been replaced at the pool. Problems with the pool cover persist; replacement costs are being investigated. Mr. Cooke remarked that a well-maintained pool is important to potential home buyers.

The roof of the ramada was repaired.  Paul and Kathy LeVanway were thanked for their donation of the new stainless steel barbeque.

Concerning the restrooms at the courts: Ken and Patty Adler paid for fixtures; John Meek donated the tile work and the new sign; Ben Sheffield and Eric Ellingson installed the sign; Jim Lindberg helped with the restroom design and construction.

President Ellingson expressed his appreciation to the board and volunteers and re-capped some of the past year’s events. EE was enhanced by weed-control efforts, TV coverage of our Arizona Centennial Celebration, park improvements, and attractive and functional courtside restrooms.

Jim Lindberg, Kevin Welsh and Ben Sheffield, all instrumental in the completion of the restrooms, were presented with gift certificates as an expression of gratitude from the HOA.

Joe McCalpin, EE’s representative on the Green Valley Council, reported on the importance of GVC.  Seventy HOAs currently belong to GVC. The organization gives its members access to county government.  Mr. McCalpin reports that 61% of the Green Valley streets are failing or in poor condition. Currently, the cost of needed repairs is far in excess of revenues available.  Finding revenue sources for the county is a priority.  GVC also works on household hazardous waste disposal and the installation of fire department lock boxes designed to provide emergency access to properties.

President Ellingson remarked that he and board member Stacie Meyer are currently taking a legal course from GVC to further their understanding of issues important to HOAs and their members.

Scottie Blum stated that the Hospitality Committee was doing well and thanked its members for their hard work. New members are being recruited to replace some long-term (>7 year) members. The committee is also looking for a chairperson to replace Ms. Blum, as this will be her last year in that role.

Barb McCalpin noted that 13 projects were funded by the Enhancement Team during 2012. The most current projects were seasonal decorating of the common areas, collecting infant, toddler, and youth items to be used by children visiting EE, and providing a $500 stipend for refurbishing and tiling some concrete park benches. Three fund-raising events continue to provide Enhancement Team funds: lamp post decorating; the Ramada and Bake Sale planned for March 2 this year; the Home and Garden Tour scheduled for March 24.  Ms. McCalpin thanked Jackie Rautio, Sandy Oster and Bev Brow for their work on these projects. The Enhancement Team, Ms. McCalpin emphasized, always welcomes new members.

Mary Beth Wallace reported that Neighborhood Watch block captains attempted to visit all 25 new homeowners. HOA members are encouraged to keep their block captains updated as to new keys, phone number changes, and new emergency contact information.  Mary Beth has a list of e-mail addresses for residents who requested to be included on the newly published EE email listing.  Block captains are currently needed for del Sur and Ensalmo.  Homeowners were informed that four current EE residents provide home watch services for part-time residents: Hope Allen (393-1390), Larry Kempton (403-8766), Chuck Smith (625-9878), and Joe Vitello (625-1404).

Bill Berdine stated that, in the interest of time-saving, he would submit a Gardeners’ report in writing for publication in the Periodico or Monday Morning Memo. (The report is attached as an addendum to these minutes.)

Kevin Welsh reported that the Public Arts group has been working to structure its efforts since its first meeting in March of 2012. The focus has been on fund-raising events, including movie nights and a raffle. Currently, work is being done on a large mosaic tortoise for Mountain View Park and a Pueblo Village to be placed on the walking path.

Results of balloting were read:

Thanks to Ben and Mona Sheffield, Roger and Sandy Oster, Michael Christopher, Cynthia Surprise, Donna Dailey, Joe McCalpin, and Joan Moreaux for counting the ballots.

The following candidates were elected to the HOA board: Sam Barnard with 191 votes, Eric Ellingson with 187 votes, Joe McCalpin with 194 votes. Eleven write-in candidates received at total of 46 votes.

Ballot question results follow: 179 votes are required for passage.





Sect 4.6 Action taken without a meeting




Sect 8.5 Exterior Paint




Parking 9.2.1 Remove vehicles from street




Operation of Association Member approval needed for $25,000 expense



No Project committee to develop project



Yes Create specifications/ present to members



Yes Prospectus for member finance solicitation



Yes Removes board discretion to give out membership name and address lists




There being no other business, a motion to adjourn was proposed, seconded, and passed. President Eric Ellingson adjourned the meeting at 3:42pm.



Kristin T. Bean, Recording Secretary


Esperanza Estates Gardeners report to the EE HOA Board

Belatedly By Bill Berdine, 1/21/13

The Gardeners want to thank the EE HOA Board for their $2,500 line item budget allocation. The funds will be used to purchase plants, trees, planting materials and “enhancement items” for the HOA’s Common Areas during 2013. The Gardeners initiated their activities in November 2012 and to date the following activities have either been started or completed...

(To read the full report, click here.)


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