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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

November 15, 2010

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Bruce Liljegren, Joan Moreaux, Joe McCalpin, Barb McCalpin, Stoney Brown, Sam Barnard, Bob Hunton, and Dean Hess.

Board members absent: None.

Announcements: There were no announcements.

Acceptance of previous minutes: There were no corrections to the October meeting minutes, which are considered approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Joan Moreaux gave the Treasurer’s Report. She presented the proposed 2011 HOA budget which was the work product of the Budget Committee under Joan’s supervision, and with the help of the new HOA accountant. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the budget for next year was approved. Joan also reported the 5 year capital expenditures budget would be finalized by the Committee and presented next month. Joan was extended the thanks of the Board for all of her efforts with the budget.

Committee Reports
Bob Hunton reported on a number of paint issues related to the following properties: 1178 Excelso; 1070 Excelso; 1155 Napa; 1113 Excelso; 1200 del Norte; and 871 Regalo.  All involved incorrect paint colors. It was decided that Sam Barnard would speak to the owner of 1178 Excelso; that 1200 del Norte had been handled; that 1070 Excelso would be investigated further, and that letters would go out to the remainder, requesting action be taken.

Capital Projects: Barb McCalpin indicated there was nothing to report currently; the proposed 5 year Capital Projects budget will be presented at the next meeting for approval.

Common Areas: Stoney Brown reported the weeds are finally pretty well under control. There will be a volunteer’s work party scheduled for December 8, to follow Coffee and Donuts at the Ramada. Stoney has a map which he uses to assign work projects to the maintenance crews, which he explained, and which is working well. A resident identified an area that needed trim and gravel refurbishment.

GVCCC: Joe McCalpin reported he is writing an article for the next Periodico, explaining what GVCCC is and why EE belongs. He believes we can get more out of GVCCC than we do at present if we continue to ask for their help--which he is doing regularly, and which has been productive so far.

Neighborhood Relations: Dean Hess reported peace and harmony is prevailing.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported the pickleball program is now underway for the winter and is doing well, with lots of players. To save natural gas, the pool and spa covers are now being put on nightly due to the cooler evening temperatures.

Hospitality: Sam Barnard reported that Hamburger Nite last Tuesday was a big success, with more than 80 people attending. The Hamburger Nite in December will be replaced by the Pearl Harbor Day potluck planned for the same date.

Neighborhood Watch: No report.

Enhancement Team: Barb McCalpin reported the usual fund raisers are being planned, and the Team is seeking projects for this next year. One possibility is a surround for the garbage cans and cleaning implements at the Ramada. Planning for the March Patio Sale is under way, as is collecting of saleable items. The Team has about $4,000 in its fund, $1,000 of which has been committed.

Old Business: Tom Cooke gave a report on the Jeff Blake situation. He has dumped piles of dirt in the alleyway, and has an illegal structure there as well as storage of items not authorized to be in a common area. His back wall needs painting, and the area is overgrown with weeds. He has been requested to abate the problem but has ignored requests to do so. He was sent a registered letter on October 21, which so far has not been delivered. If he refuses the letter, it will be personally served upon him, and in the event of no action, the Board will order the work to be done by a contractor and collect it from him.

New Business: A brief discussion about planning for the HOA Annual Meeting in January was held. The possibility of serving coffee and cookies was discussed and will be looked into.

It was announced that beginning in January, the Periodico would change from a delivered home paper to an internet magazine, to be distributed by email. Dean Hess raised the question of its availability to persons without computers, and provisions will be made in some manner to assure that persons without computers who desire the publication will be referred to a source where they can read it.

Stoney’s case was updated. A not guilty plea has been entered in his behalf by the HOA’s legal counsel, and it is believed the case can be made to “go away” in some manner.

An inquiry as to whether the HOA is interested in a solar water heater for the pool showers was declined.

Miscellaneous Items: None discussed.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

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