Minutes of Meeting


Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

November 17th, 2008

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Joe McCalpin, Barb McCalpin, Bruce Liljegren, Joan Moreaux, Bob Hunton, Stoney Brown and Sam Barnard.

Board members absent: Absent but excused was Ken Miller.

Announcements: There were no announcements, and no new members present.

Acceptance of previous minutes: The October minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Joan Moreaux gave the last month’s treasurer’s report, which is unremarkable. She also presented the budget committee’s proposed 2009 budget for the HOA, explaining it in detail as to where it varied from the 2008 budget, and why the various line items had been selected.


Architectural: Bob Hunton presented his report on the condition of the back gates within the subdivision. He observed as a result of his survey that about 75% of all the back gates in EE are metal, replacing the original wooden gates. 8 of the gates are beyond repair and need replacement; 4 need repair, and 12 need repainting. Following a general discussion, it was moved by Bob and seconded by Bruce that the secretary provide a written letter to those persons on Bob’s list who had a gate needing attention or replacement to take the necessary action. The motion passed unanimously.

Capital Projects: Barb McCalpin reported that there are no ongoing capital projects, now that the tennis court had been resurfaced. Some minor projects, such as solar lighting in certain dark areas, should be looked at, but there are currently no plans to do anything major on the immediate horizon. The light standards, which are and continue to be a problem, will need to be resolved in some fashion, but an ad hoc committee needs to determine a course of action on this. Everyone knows they are a problem that will have to be dealt with. Future timing on this is uncertain, but at least the seed of the idea needs to be put forth at the annual meeting to get people thinking about it.

Common Areas: Stoney Brown reported on an analysis he had done on the sum which AAA is charging the HOA for services, and it appears to be generating an excessive amount of profit for them based on what we are receiving. There have been a number of issues with AAA wherein they have failed to provide a level of service consistent with the need, and with their performance in the past. In the event a change is made, he doesn’t feel that he will have any problem working with a new company.

GVCCC: Bruce Liljegren reported GVCCC has not had a meeting since our last Board meeting, but one is scheduled in the near future. One of the items on the meeting agenda is a report from the sheriff’s office about the current rash of burglaries, and it is hoped the information we have received informally that the burglars have been apprehended is true. A rental property workshop is also scheduled shortly.

Neighborhood Relations: Peace and harmony is presently prevailing, and no problems are reported.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported the tennis court is now receiving considerably more use since the pickleball program has begun, and there is a possibility that a part of the court can also be used for a basketball hoop. The new surface on the court appears to be working out well.

One bid for conversion of our pool to salt water in lieu of a chlorine system has been received, and the price appears to be within the proposed 2009 budget. Another bid will be solicited from Green Valley Pools and Spas, and the work will likely go ahead this next year.

Nothing received from the other pool companies for regular service appears to be significantly cheaper than we are now receiving, and so the question of continuing our present service will remain under advisement.

Hospitality Committee: Sam Barnard reported the Hamburger Nites held so far have been successful. A big “freebee” party is set by the Committee for December 7th at Sunset Ramada. Later in December the Committee will figure out their schedule for the coming year. They have $1619.89 on hand.

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported. A meeting of the block captains and assistants is set for December 6th. Continual vigilance is urged because of the number of burglaries.

Enhancement Committee: Geri Lindberg reported the Holiday Bazaar is set for December 3rd at Sunset Ramada. Neighboring subdivisions have been invited. An effort is being made to solicit baked goods for sale at the event. Some very nice things have been donated for sale.

This will be the only solicitation to be made for baked goods, as the Committee has decided against having a bake sale at the garage sale to be held in the Spring.

The new counters at the Ramada should be completed within about a week.

Old Business: None.

New Business: A motion to approve the 2009 HOA budget as presented as made and seconded, and unanimously passed.

A motion to terminate the contract with AAA effective January 1st and to accept the proposal by Hot Desert Landscaping for landscape maintenance was made, seconded, and approved with Stoney Brown abstaining.

Joe McCalpin reported on the status of the annual meeting, and that he had located a candidate to stand for the Board position which will be vacant at the expiration of the term of Ken Miller on January 19th, 2009. Two of the three expiring seats will be standing for reelection.

Ben Sheffield volunteered to assist in counting ballots.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


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