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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

November 18, 2013

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

Having determined that a quorum was present the meeting was called to order at 1:05 PM.

I. Treasurer Joan Moreaux presented the report for the association finances for October and the year to date. This report is available upon request to the treasurer and a copy will be archived along with these minutes. Adequate cash is on hand to meet expenditures for the remaining two months of the fiscal year with reserves.

II. Committee Reports

A. Architectural Control: Jim Lindberg reported that a garage wall was being constructed at 1186 Cir. del Sur having been approved by the Committee. He also reported that two replacement garage doors on C. Napa need to be painted the color of the House.

B. Capital Projects: Boyd Morse reported that Quad driveways and recoating the Ramada roof were the only projects proposed for the current year.

C. Common Area Maintenance: Dean Hess reported that a contractor dumped detritus from a project on C. del Sur into Arroyo #9. The homeowners were present at the meeting and informed the Board that they had ordered the contractor to clean up the mess. A sharp eyed homeowner also responded to the situation and convinced the contractor to clean up the mess. Dean also informed the Board and homeowners that the decorative rocks being stored next to the tennis/pickleball courts belonged to the Gardeners.

D. GVC: Joe McCalpin briefly reported on GVC activities, his full report is presented in full in the November Periodico.

E. Community Relations: Stacie Meyers reported that peace and serenity reigned throughout the land.

F. Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported that a possible leak was causing the pool water level to drop below the natural evaporation level.  An investigation is in progress. The spa pump motor appears to need replacement.

G. Hospitality: With the retirement of Scottie Blum, the Hospitality Committee appeared to be moribund. When out of the West, Bill Berdine arose to address the issue. Bill volunteered to work the issue to reenergize the Committee. Other members of the Committee voiced a willingness to continue. A relatively new member of our community, Marla Ries, has many of the skills and much of the expertise that Scottie has and will get involved.  A motion was made and passed to maintain the status quo in Hospitality's bank account for a period of six months

H. Neighborhood Watch: No report.

I. Enhancement: Barb McCalpin reported that a new AeroBed was acquired to aid homeowners who will be invaded with more company (e.g., grandchildren) than they have beds. Barb also reported that Santa's Elves will assist homeowners who need help in decorating their lamppost for Christmas. This service is described in the Monday Morning Memo and in the Periodico. The Periodico article also describes the Enhancement projects anticipated for the coming year. Barb requested volunteers to help decorate the common areas for the Holidays.

J. Gardeners Club: Bill Berdine reported on the three new Saguaro cacti recently planted in Mesquite Park. Bill also reported that all of the plants for the upgrading of Mountain View Park have been purchased. Fifty cubic yards of top soil will be delivered to the Park and must be situated soon in order to stay within the survival envelope for fall planting. His call for volunteers falling on deaf ears, Dean Hess said that the Common Area Maintenance crew will distribute the top soil.

K. Public Art Club: Kevin Welsh proposed construction of storage cabinets along the South wall of the Ramada for use by the various clubs/committees/teams in EE. The proposal was tabled and a subcommittee was formed to look at the storage requirements for all of EE. The subcommittee will meet at the Ramada this Wednesday at 10:00 AM. Since prior notice is non-existent, the meeting will be restricted to ground rules and ways to proceed.

III. Old business: We are still dealing with the bee issue. Craig Surprise has had signs made that issue a warning of the existence of hives close to foot traffic areas. The recalcitrant homeowner at 910 C. Napa has ignored requests by the Board to remove the massive hive in the back of his house. Sam Barnard has taken the issue to the County Health Department and we are awaiting a response. The Board resolution on bee hazards is in final preparation.

IV. New Business: Ben Sheffield presented the proposed 2014 Budget to the Board. There was considerable discussion of the accounting methodology and a Finance Committee was proposed to define the methodology required to make the budget process more transparent to the community. A dues increase was proposed in the budget, the Chair requested a motion to vote on the proposed increase. Lacking a motion the proposed dues increase died. The Board approved the proposed budget.

Cynthia Surprise proposed a project to have EE make an entry in next year's White Elephant Parade.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.


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