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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

February 21, 2011

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Boyd Morse, Joan Moreaux, Joe McCalpin, Barb McCalpin, Stoney Brown, Sam Barnard, Craig Surprise, and Dean Hess.

Board members absent: None

Announcements: No announcements were made, but Ben Sheffield asked to address the Board on the topic of updating the CC&Rís and Bylaws of the HOA to conform to state law changes that have been made since the last updates, which took place nearly 10 years' ago. He volunteered to provide the Board with a written analysis, showing the areas where the updates were needed. His offer was accepted, and upon receipt of this material, the Board will determine the best way to proceed with the updates.

Acceptance of previous minutes: There were no corrections to the minutes of the regular December meeting, or the January 20th special meeting, both of which are considered approved.

Treasurerís Report: Joan Moreaux gave the Treasurerís Report. She is pleased with the work being done by the new accounting firm. She presented and discussed the current balance sheet and statement of income and expenses. The main remarkable items was a bill from the electrician for the work in rerouting the electrical circuit to the pool cover.

Committee Reports:

Architectural: Craig Surprise and Dean Hess gave the Architectural Committee report. They have investigated and are recommending approval of a request to construct a Ramada at the rear of the home at 678 Nueva.  Dean moved, and Steve Brown seconded, the motion, which was approved unanimously.

The Committee also reported on the implementation of a new system to track and retain records for both requested changes and nonconforming changes which come under the jurisdiction of the Arch. Ctrl. Committee. Under the new system, it will be possible to determine the exact status of an architectural issue at any given time, from inception to final conclusion. Also, the Board will be kept advised via a monthly email of the status of all matters upon which the Committee is working.

There was a general discussion about the need to notify homeowners frequently of the CC&R requirement that they seek written Architectural Committee approval for all repaint jobs on EE homes prior to commencing work.  An article reminding our homeowners of this requirement, and that it is being enforced, will appear in the March Periodico.

Capital Projects: Barb McCalpin reported on two new capital projects, both of them financed entirely by Enhancement Team funds. These were the construction of the trash wall at the Ramada and the electrification of the Portillo entrance monument with a flood light. On her motion, seconded by Stoney Brown, the trash wall construction, originally approved at a special Board meeting, was ratified unanimously.

Common Areas: Stoney Brown reported he is pleased with the work being done by the volunteer landscape workcrew. He will be taking a survey in the near future to try and determine how much landscaping we may have lost in the recent freezing weather.

GVC: Joe is writing an article for the next Periodico, explaining what the GVC has been doing, which has been quite a bit. It was noted that the new name will be the Green Valley Council, and that this has been formally changed.

Neighborhood Relations: Boyd Morse reported the one problem under review involves a tree at 1100 del Norte, which is causing problems at an adjoining residence. It is expected to work itself out. Otherwise, peace and harmony is prevailing.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported on the freeze damage to the pipes at the Ramada and pool. He, along with residents Ken Adler and Jim Sage worked on repairs. Some help from a plumber will be needed to correct and restore some of the plumbing. The bigger news concerned the electrical work that had been done to connect the pool cover switch to a new circuit, and to bring some of the other pool electrical up to current Code requirements.

Hospitality: Sam Barnard reported a Hamburger Nite will be held March 8. The committee has $1,246.15 in its account. Recent events have been highly successful.

Neighborhood Watch: No report.

Enhancement Team: A fund-raiser, in the form of the annual yard sale, will be held at the Ramada March 5. Baked goods will also be sold at the same time. The recent Dessert Buffet was highly successful. Funds have been expended on the new trash wall and the electrical installation at the Portillo sign, and will be committed to the new Garden Committee being formed. It has been decided to defer further work on the xeriscape garden and to work on beautification of the monuments and trails instead.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: The Bienvenidos a Esperanza committee luncheon for new EE residents was held on February 20, and was well attended and successful. Tom Cooke asked Board secretary Joe McCalpin, and Craig Surprise to work on a records retention policy for old HOA records and to determine what should be done with them--including the possibility that they be scanned into some form of electronic storage to save space.

Dean Hess stated he wanted to work on a possible change to the CC&Rís to allow one garbage company to be selected to service the entire subdivision--to try and save the streets from further damage caused by the trucks of multiple collection companies.

Boyd Morse brought up the possibility of forming a volunteers committee to provide emergency assistance to residents who find themselves or their property in an urgent situation they can not handle.  An example was the problem of frozen pipes which occurred recently, when people had water leaks and couldnít obtain the services of a plumber for several days. He was asked to develop the idea further and bring a proposal back to the Board.

At a homeowner's request, a determination was made that the masonry wall running just south and across the common area to the south of 721 Regalo is an HOA responsibility, and contact will be made with a workman to do the needed repair and painting.

Miscellaneous Items: None discussed.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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