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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors
March 18, 2013
Esperanza Estates Ramada
Green Valley, AZ

The Meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM and it was determined that a quorum was present. The minutes of the February meeting were approved without change.

I. Treasurer's Report: Joan Moreaux reported that we were slightly over budget for February due primarily to the failure of the pool cover and the subsequent increase in use of natural gas to heat the pool. We are however, under budget for the year. The complete monthly financial report is available upon request.

II. Committee Reports:

Architectural Control: Jim Lindberg reported that architectural compliance forms have been filed for four home sales in February.  An issue was raised about permanent exterior window treatments. The consensus was that if the treatment affected the appearance of the dwelling, it must be approved by the Board.  Ben Sheffield commented that exterior shutters, when closed, tend to make the structure look abandoned.  Jim noted that many in-ground trash cans are in poor shape and are in need of repair.

Capital Projects: No Report.

Common Area Maintenance: Several people spoke about the excellent partnership between our maintenance contractor and The EE Gardeners. Our Common Areas and Parks are being improved with new plantings, gravel, and improved pathways. Our Common Areas are looking better than they have in years largely due to the excellent work of Dean Hess' crew and the EE volunteers from the Gardeners.

GVC: Joe McCalpin reported that the Hazardous Waste Event next Saturday is the largest effort by the Council for the month of March. Over sixty volunteers will be present at the Presbyterian Church parking lot to assist people to get rid of environmentally destructive waste--including paint and chemicals, drugs, electronics, and paper shredding. It was noted that EE has eight volunteers working at the event.

Neighborhood Relations: Stacie Meyer reported that several instances of non-conforming parking have been resolved. Several parking issues are in the process of resolution.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported the new pool cover is working and is of a higher quality than previous covers and should last longer. Pickleball is growing in popularity with the courts being used six days a week. We are finally getting appropriate use of that facility.

Hospitality: Sam Barnard reported that the St. Paddy's Day soiree was a success; he also said that there would be a Burger Nite in April and a Cinco de Mayo party in May. Tom Cooke reported that the coffee and fat pill socials are back on the calendar after being foiled by the weather.

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace brought a representative of the Green Valley Fire District to inform us about the Envelope of Life program that enables homeowners to post a copy of their medications and allergies on their refrigerators--to inform first responders of potential issues in an emergency. He also provided information on the Smoke Detector program under which the Fire District will make annual visits to homes to change the batteries in our smoke detectors. This service is provided at an annual cost of $20. (He did not say, but it is true, that the Fire District will at the same time inform homeowners of any conditions in their home that create trip-and-fall hazards.) The final program described was the Lock Box program under which homeowners can purchase a key lock box from the Fire District that provides them access to the home in an emergency. The lock box can only be opened by the Fire District. A lock box, with installation, is available for $75.

Enhancement: Barb McCalpin reported that the Ramada/Bake Sale added in excess of $3,000 to the coffers. Enhancement is looking at options to install a wind screen to reduce the effect of the wind in the food prep area behind the Ramada counter. Enhancement has also purchased seat cushions for Ramada chairs as well as weatherproof containers for storage of the cushions. Barb closed with a reminder of the Home & Garden Tour which will be held this Sunday, the 24th.  Only a few tickets remain available.

EE Gardeners: Bill Berdine reported (complete report here) that over 150 plantings have been made in our common areas along with the contributions of many volunteer hours. Much of the work has gone to improve Palo Verde East and West common areas (referred to as 'Pie 1' & 'Pie 2', before being renamed.)
Eric Ellingson showed pictures of many of these improvements and the results are special.

Public Arts: Kevin Welsh showed pictures of the bench beautification efforts made by Stacie Meyer and the installation of the Tortoise sculpture in Mountain View Park. After the Home Tour, pieces of art will be for sale at the Ramada, along with the drawing for the ceramic bird house.

Old Business: Eric Ellingson reported that two non-functioning lampposts have been resurrected and are now lighting up at night again, thanks to volunteer efforts.

(Secretary's Observation: It is inappropriate to insert my personal opinion too much or too often, but we have noted that several instances of recent property transfers involved residents moving to larger and/or improved residences within EE. This seems to me to reflect residents who really like living in EE and have planted deep roots in our community. A good sign.)

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