Minutes of Meetings



MARCH 19, 2007

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Joe McMahon.

There were no new members present.

Board members present: Joe McMahon, Ken Miller, Robert Frost, Joe McCalpin, Jim Sage, Joan Moreaux, and Sheila Bennen. Board members absent: Tom Cooke and Steve Brown

II. Announcements:

Joe McMahon stated that two contractors that wish to provide Common Area Maintenance had been asked to present their proposals to the Board

Daniel Harman of AAA landscaping outlined what his company does presently. He was asked several questions which he answered. His company charges $3837.00 per month.

Leo Garcia of Affordable Landscaping then presented his proposal, which is on file. His price is a bit lower and he stated he would do all the things that AAA does in addition he would trim all the Palm Trees for $30 a tree - a service that AAA does not now provide. He also stated that he would obtain all the insurance and business licenses required before the contract began.


Bruce Liljegren asked if there was a cancellation clause in AAA contract. He was informed there was.

Emil Battaglia reported that the tennis court has many cracks and is very dusty. Jim Sage will examine the court and power wash it.

III. Acceptance of the February 16 and executive committee meeting on March 17th.

Ken Miller moved for acceptance and second by Joe McCalpin. Minutes Approved.

  1. Treasurer's Report: Joan Moreaux presented the report. We are within budget at this time.  Jim Sage moved for acceptance, Joe McCalpin seconded - report approved.
  1. Committee Reports:

        1.  Architectural Control: Ken Miller will take over this committee for Steve Brown. He reported he has
             received three calls that he will investigate and report.

        2.  Capital Projects: Robert reported that he will assist Jim Sage in determining the means needed to restore
             the Solar System. They will call in a professional to examine the panels.

        3.  Common Area: Ken Miller reported that several areas will be cleaned in the next few days. A tree at 101
             Napa was trimmed.

        4.  GVCCC: Sheila Bennen reported that the county has looked at the crack in the wall on drainage way 9
             and will report on what they intend to do to repair it.

        5.  Neighborhood Relations: Joe McCalpin stated he had had one report of a barking dog. The form was
             filled out and the dog owner was contacted. She has taken care of the problem.

        6.  Recreational Facilities: Jim Sage reported that he had been approached to replace the step by the bridge
             over the wash. After much discussion it was decided the bridge was illegal, a safety hazard on common
             on common area.  It was decided to remove the bridge after the complainant had been notified. -- It was
             decided to retract the swimming pool cover for the summer, disable the switch and determine what
             permanent solution could be used for the next winter. - - Jim also reported there was trouble with the
             brick sizes on the memorial bricks.  They are difficult to replace after they are removed.  Miguel will
             be asked to replace them after a committee decides on an appropriate spot for them to be placed.

        7. Hospitality Committee: Scottie Blum reported that the committee has $1,400.31. - - They will purchase
             a new bigger refrigerator. - - The Spaghetti dinner will be held on Saturday 24th

        8.  Neighborhood watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported there was no activity during the month. - - She will
             take all of the old community directories to the recycled when the new ones are distributed.

        9.  Enhancement Committee: Lois Blacker reported that they had $2,667.91 in their bank balance. - - The
             new arch at the entrance is finished. - - A round of applause from the committed was given by the

  VI. Old Business: None

 VII. New Business: Joe McMahon reported that the roof on the new Ramada appears to be defective. He is in contact with the architect and will report on his findings in the future. - - The installation of the electrical conduits at the Ramada will be delayed until the money to pay for it is available.

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM