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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

March 19, 2012

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM. It was determined that a Quorum was present.

A correction was made to the February minutes that Boyd Morse is the Chair of the Capital Projects Committee, not Stacie Meyer.

Joan Moreaux presented the Treasurer's report.

Committee Reports:
 Architectural Control: Jim Lindberg reported that two homeowners petitioned to erect block walls to enclose their garages. These petitions were consistent with the present CC&R's.
 Weed Control: Boyd Morse reported that 75% of the Common Areas have been sprayed. He also said that County areas close to our open areas would be sprayed to prevent bufflegrass from spreading to our Common Areas, but that the spraying would be limited to protecting our property.
 Common Area Maintenance: Dean Hess reported that spreading of gravel on Circulo del Norte in the area designated as Triangle Park was completed. Dean also reported that work would be done on erosion control in the washes in the development. Dean is making use of volunteer labor as well as the landscape contractors. This integration of effort has paid off in cost savings and improvements in the aesthetics of our Common Areas.
 Neighborhood Relations: No Report
 GVC: Joe McCalpin reported on the March meeting of the Board of Representatives which featured an address by Chuck Huckleberry, the Pima County Administrator.  In that address, Mr. Huckleberry indicated that some street repair would be made in Green Valley on Abrego, Circulo del Sol and Camino Encanto. Joe also reported on the review process GVC used on the By-Law changes they are making.
 Recreational Facilities: Ben Sheffield presented a plan with a cost analysis and sketches to install restroom facilities at the tennis/pickleball courts. The plan is for two bathrooms to be constructed on the south end of the storage facility along with a paved walkway out to the street. The identified costs of $21,274.00 include sewer and water connections, plumbing, the building, doors and fixtures. Significant discussion was generated on the need, cost, and the plan itself.  Arguments were made, and finally a motion was made, seconded, and passed to provide funding for the construction of the facility. An anonymous donor has already pledged $5,000 for the facility. Ken Adler said he and Patty would contribute the funds for the fixtures so that the ladies could have their own facility. Copies of the cost analysis and the sketches will be posted on the bulletin board at the Ramada.
 Hospitality: Scottie Blum talked about the St. Patrick's Day party where 90 intrepid partiers braved the elements and were rewarded with great food and fun. The next function will be Hamburger Night on 4/11.
 Enhancement: Barb McCalpin reported on the success of the Ramada Sale and talked about future potential projects including noise suppression and hand rails for the steps at the rear of the Ramada. A 2013 Home & Garden tour is in the planning stages.
 Gardeners: Bill Berdine reported that the design for Esperanza Park is done. The head and tail of the snake will be installed and dedicated at a festive event on the 22nd of March. A proposed hard surface walk into the park will provide wheelchair access. The Gardeners want to do something at Mesquite Park, but have no firm plans yet.

Old Business: None discussed.

New Business:
 Stacie Meyer said that the first Long Range Planning Committee meeting will be held at the Ramada at 9:30 AM on March 21st.
 Terry Shea has donated a chest to hold bottles of water, to be placed near the fire pit at Esperanza Park to ensure that any fire in the pit can be extinguished.
 Gravel will be placed in the Common Area near 1149 Circulo del Norte.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to adjourn.

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