Minutes of Meetings


Special Meeting
 Board of Directors Ramada
April 19, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 1300 hours by Vice Present Joe

Board Members present - Joan Moreaux, Joe McMahon, Joe McCalpin, Robert Frost, Jim Sage, Sheila Bennen, and Steve Brown - Absent Tom Cooke and Ken Miller

Joe McMahon stated the meeting was to finish the monthly meeting that was cut short by time constraints. One of the points of the meeting was to choose a landscaping business for EE.

Additional informant that been submitted the two companies were handed out. Delaying the act to choose a company would result in a loss of money for EE.

Several members asked questions to clarify points. After the
discussion, Jim Sage made a motion to accept the bid from
Affordable Landscaping - the motion died for lack of a second. 

Robert Frost then made a motion to accept the contract from AAA Sheila Bennen seconded the motion.

The discussion was opened to all present. Several comments and observations were offered.

A vote was taken and the motion was approved by a vote of 5 to 2. A proxy vote from Ken Miller was included.

Joe was instructed to give the present contract to Tom for modification and further discussion with AAA. Several practices that are occurring are unacceptable and must be corrected.

  1. Use of bathrooms at the Ramada for long periods of time by AAA even when they are not working in the subdivision.
  2. Not working their full number of hours and not having the correct number of workers present.

  1. Area Maintenance Chairman's inability to locate workers and the non­ reporting of areas being worked to EE Chairman of the committee.
  2. Discussing of a credit to EE when they fail to fulfill hourly minimum.

New Business:

It was agreed that the Sheffield and Paddleford letters would be addressed at next regular Board Meeting.

Tom Theder asked if some way could be found to allow donations to be applied to Ramada loan to lower the debt. This will be discussed further,

Joe McCalpin moved and Bob Frost seconded to adjourn Meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 2:15 PM.