Minutes of Meetings


Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

April 21st, 2008

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Ken Miller, Joe McCalpin, Bruce Liljegren Steve Brown, Joan Moreaux, Joe McMahon and Bob Hunton. Bob Frost was not counted as absent as he had resigned from the Board earlier in the day.

Announcements: Tom Cooke advised that he had received a notice of resignation from Bob Frost the morning of the meeting.

Acceptance of previous minutes: The March minutes were corrected to note that it was the Jim and Barbara Sage property at 768 Ensalmo that was the subject of the request to do an Arizona Room addition. As amended, the minutes were approved.

Treasurerís report: Joan Moreaux gave the treasurerís report. She noted that a substantial payment had been made on the ramada note, leaving a balance of approximately $15,000 which will be paid off by July. A few people have not responded to the special assessment notice, but the number is small, and they will be dealt with in the future.

A general explanation of the financial statements was given, and the HOA is tracking well so far this year. Association reserves are now over $53,000, and all obligations are being met as incurred.


Architectural: Ken Miller reported that several garage doors require painting, and he will work with Neighborhood Relations to get notices to those not in compliance. He also stated he is forming a 3 person committee to begin looking at back gates and walls to determine if they need maintenance. He also noted that a survey will be taken on the on-roof heating and cooling units to determine how many require painting.

Tom Cooke reported that the Enhancement Team has left a sketch for the Board to review regarding the improvements they wish to make this Fall in the kitchen area of the ramada. These will add additional cupboard and counter space, and a larger sink. All expenses will be paid by the Team and the Hospitality Committee. No objections were presented.

Capital Projects: No report.

Common Areas: Steve Brown on a driveway which is being damaged by a Palo Verde tree root, which needs to be addressed by the Board. The Board agreed to look at this after the meeting and decide on a course of action.

Steve also stated he was going to speak with Monstrosity Tree Service about removal of mistletoe which has appeared in a number of the common area trees and which needs to be removed. At the same time he will attempt to get a price on palm tree trimming, which shouldnít be as bad as last year due to the mild winter. He will report back. The weed spraying for this year is pretty much over, and most of the weed problem has been dealt with pretty well.

Steve also explained the new flower bed that is being constructed behind the new monument on Portillo. A number of persons have worked on this project, to enhance this area with benches and plantings. A beautiful view of the mountains is available from this spot, and the funds for one bench have been donated.

GVCCC: Bruce Liljegren reported on the recent GVCCC meeting. He will be putting a column in the Periodico on the activities of this committee.

Neighborhood Relations: Bruce Liljegren requested that all residents read the CC&Rís periodically to keep up on what is allowed and not allowed within EE, as this would likely eliminate a lot of issues which crop up regularly and then need to be dealt with by the Board.

Tom Cooke reported that an ultimatum had been sent to the owner of the residence at 792 Ensalmo because of an improper house color. A letter was sent some months ago, and the owner has been personally addressed by Board members, but has refused to remedy this problem. She has been given 30 days to correct it, or the Board will at her expense.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported on the tennis court resurfacing, which is under investigation for the best technique to use.

Hospitality Committee: Sam Barnard reported that the Committee has $1516.18 on hand. Another Hamburger Night is planned for April 22nd, and the annual Cinco de Mayo will be held May 5th, both at Sunset Ramada.


Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported she is looking for some new Block Captains in a couple of our neighborhoods.

Enhancement Committee: Lois Blacker reported the Enhancement Team has $3165.61 on hand for project to begin in the Fall. The Team will be pretty much dormant over the summer months.

Old Business: There was no old business for discussion.

New Business: Tom Cooke reported on several items. The HOA needs a new webmaster to take over our website. He will seek someone who would be willing to do it for a fee. The site has been heavily used over the past year and a half that it has existed, and it is believed to be a good thing for EE to keep it going. Richard Chronister our present webmaster, has moved to Tucson and will not be able to assist much longer. Richard basically established the site and built it for us for no charge, and did a beautiful job of it, and of maintaining it, but we now need another. Calls for a volunteer have not been successful.

The next item dealt with the summer pool hours. After a discussion, it was decided to revert to the traditional summer hours immediately, but to continue to close the pool cover year around to save water from evaporation.

Joe McMahon moved and Joe McCalpin seconded that the HOA request a change from Saguaro to Talking Trash to pick up the trash at the ramada. Motion passed, and Joe McMahon will contact both trash companies and make arrangements.

A brief discussion was had about using solar lighting as a substitute for the required street lights. No action was taken.

Resignation: At the close of the meeting, Joe McMahon tendered his resignation from the Board.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

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