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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 17, 2010

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM with Bruce Liljegren presiding. All directors and Officers were president except for President Tom Cooke who was excused absent. No new members were present.

I. Treasurers Report presented by Joan Moreaux was accepted on a motion made by Joe McCalpin and seconded by Stony Brown. A motion was made by Bob Hunton and seconded by Sandy Reed to extend the current CD's for a six month period. The motion was passed.

II. Committee Reports.

A) Architectural- Bob Hunton: No activity over the Last Month.

B) Capital Projects- Sandy Reed: The pool re-plastering is complete. The pool deck paint has been touched up and bids will be solicited for a complete re-do at a future date.

C) Common Area Maintenance- Stony Brown: Bob Hunton, Jim Lindberg and Stony Brown put in a solid four hours each in an attempt to control Buffle Grass (Fountain Grass) in the Common Area bordering Vereda Calma. They collected several yard bags of plant heads so the little buggers will produce no more buffle.  A resident complained about a palm tree in her neighbor's yard intruding on to the common wall. The problem was referred to  Neighborhood Relations for resolution. An issue of bees swarming in a Quad on Ca. Ensalmo was resolved when the homeowner had the insects the insects euthanized.

D) Neighborhood Relations- Sam Bernard: Peace and Harmony reign throughout the community except for a palm tree issue.

E) Recreational Facilities- Tom Cooke in absentia: Our tennis/ pickle ball consultant has incurred $390 in personal expenses to maintain the facility for use by the residents. The Board unanimously voted to reimburse Gary for the expenditures.

F) Hospitality- Sam Bernard: There will be a gala on Memorial Day featuring beef, hotdogs and liquid refreshments (beer & sodas) all for the sum of $5. It starts at 5: 30 PM. Be there at the Sunset Ramada, attendance will be taken.  A second function will be held on the Fourth of July. Details will be available soon.

G) Neighborhood Watch- Mary Beth Wallace: The Committee needs a Block Captain replacement for Doris Betaglia.

III. Old Business. Street Lamp Replacement Project- Ben Sheffield: The new lamps have been ordered. They will be drop shipped to G&G Tile and transported to the shed. Installation is scheduled to begin in October. Remember the Board will replace lamps only.  Posts, mailboxes and conduit replacement is the responsibility of the homeowner.

IV. New Business. None presented

Meeting was adjourned on a motion by Bob Hunton and seconded by Stony Brown.


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