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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

June 18, 2012

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by Vice-President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Joan Moreaux, Boyd Morse, Dean Hess, Jim Lindberg and Sam Barnard. Attending via electronic means was Stacie Meyer (attendance by electronic means made possible by Kevin Welsh).

Board members absent: Absent but excused were Eric Ellingson and Joe McCalpin.

Announcements: There were no announcements.

Acceptance of previous minutes: There were no corrections to the May meeting minutes, which are considered approved.

Treasurerís Report: Before hearing the Treasurerís report, Boyd Morse reported the newly formed Finance Committee had held its first meeting. Boyd, Joan Moreaux, and Kevin Welsh attended. The other members of the Committee are Bruce Liljegren and Ben Sheffield, who were unable to attend. The Committee discussed what possibilities exist for improving the interest rate on HOA funds which are in reserve and not needed for current expenses. An action plan is being studied, and the Board will be kept advised. Several possibilities have been identified for improving the return on these monies without increasing the risk to the HOA.

Joan next proceeded to present the monthly financial reports, which are now in a condensed and much more readable format than before. The reports are unremarkable. The HOA is tracking well financially, and all expenditures are about where they should be at this time of year. Joan was thanked for her efforts in redoing the format of the financial reports to make them more user-friendly.

Committee Reports:

Architectural: Jim Lindberg reported on two requests he had received for projects within the bailiwick of the Committee. One involved a request to enclose a garage with a masonry wall, and to remove some seriously deteriorated exterior wood from the residence at 1196 del Norte. The second was a request to do repair work on a patio wall at 723 Ensalmo which has been damaged by palm tree roots. Following a discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed to approve both requests. Jim was also given the thanks of the Board for all of his work in the design, planning, and gaining approvals for the tennis/pickle ball bathroom facility currently under construction--which would have been impossible without his efforts.

Capital Projects: Boyd Morse reported the only capital project underway presently is the new bathroom facility, which is nearing completion. Work remaining includes: completion of the roof, some adjustment work on the doors and installation of the locks, painting, and setting of the toilets and sinks. Thanks are due Jim Lindberg, Ben Sheffield, and Kevin Welsh for all of their efforts on the project. It was noted that the gravel which has been scraped away to allow the project to go forward can now be returned to its place, to restore the appearance of the area near the court.

Common Areas: Dean Hess reported that all of the common area palms have now been trimmed, but also noted that a number of those on private property still need to be trimmed. The deadline for completing this work is July 15. The plan is to give notice to any homeowners who have not had this done by June 30, advising them that if they donít arrange to have the work done, the HOA will do so at their expense, plus a surcharge.
A recent article in the GV News reported the serious lightening strike danger created by untrimmed palms, and the resultant fires which occur every year.
Dean has plans to move some excess gravel to some common areas that can use it.

GVC: In Joeís absence, Boyd reported that thanks to the GVC, the traffic light sensors at the corner of LaCanada and Esperanza have finally been correctly adjusted.

Neighborhood Relations: No report.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported that the solar collectors on the Ramada roof have been repaired after being damaged by a wind gust which caused three of them to flip over and begin to leak water.  Del Bean was thanked for taking over the pool management for the two weeks Tom was out of town.

Hospitality: Sam Barnard reported that the Hospitality Committee has plans for a Fourth of July function. It will be a sausage and pepper cookout, with appropriate libations and sides, for the sum of $6.00.

Neighborhood Watch: No report.

Enhancement Team: The team is in a state of inertia for the summer months.

Old Business: No old business not covered above.

New Business: There will be a movie tonight at the Ramada. It had been scheduled for last Saturday, but due to the late rain squall, was postponed. This will be the first in a planned series of movies to be presented over the summer months. Kevin Welsh is the technician in charge.
The new BBQ donated by Paul and Kathy LaVanway will be used for the first time at the 4th of July function at the Ramada.
It was noted that Florence Stone, one of the last of the original EE homeowners, recently passed away.

There being no further business to be brought before the meeting, it was adjourned at 1:47 pm.


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