Minutes of Meetings


Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

September 17, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Ken Miller, Sheila Bennen, Joe McCalpin, Joe McMahon, Steve Brown, Robert Frost and Robert Hunton..

Board members absent: Joan Moreaux

Presentation to the Board: The Board invited two guests from the US Border patrol, Col. Roger San Martin (new agent in charge of the Tucson Sector) and Captain Albert Fresquez. They gave a presentation, detailing the law and the distinctions between humanitarian assistance and aiding and abetting illegal immigrants, and told the members in attendance how we can best help them perform their duties in protecting the border. They also answered questions.

Special Request for Agenda Time: Resident Kathy Babcock had requested time on the agenda for a presentation on community relations matter. She spoke briefly and then introduced her attorney, Margo Cowan who addressed the Board. She gave her opinion that there may have been some false accusations against Kathy and her partner, Ed Lord, issued by Esperanza Estates residents, and that it was time to moderate the rhetoric. She suggested that a meeting be arranged where all involved in the debate over the treatment of illegal aliens be allowed to state their positions and try and reach common ground. No action was taken.

Acceptance of previous minutes: The minutes of the June Board meeting were approved.

Treasurerís report: Joan Moreaux was absent, so there was no treasurerís report presented.


Architectural: Ken Miller reported there are had been one application for architectural work, presented by John and Barbara Lauber at 842 Regalo. They propose to construct some walls on their car port and a trellis over a part of their patio. The plans are in order and nearly all of the work will be invisible from the street. What will be visible conforms to the CC&Rís. Permission was granted.

Capital Projects: Robert Frost reported the only capital item currently under consideration is a new pool cover, which will become necessary within the next 6 to 8 weeks as the weather changes. The current cover is totally shot, and needs to be removed. He will research the matter and report back.

Common Areas: Steve Brown reported that he had been receiving substantial help on several common area projects from Jim Limburg. Jim is an EE resident who enjoys seeing the common areas looking their best.

All of the common area and privately owned palm trees have now been trimmed, and are looking pretty good. The big new issue is weeds, and these are being attacked by the AAA crews, as well as by a few volunteers. Overall, the common areas are pretty well under control, and problems are being timely handled.

GVCCC: Sheila Bennen reported that GVCCC is in recess over the summer, so there is no report.

Neighborhood Relations: Joe McCalpin reported that peace and harmony is generally prevailing in EE. He received one complaint about a renter hanging his wash over the patio walls, but talked to the guilty party who agreed to stop doing so in the future. He has also come up with a new complaint form for use in the future.

Recreational Facilities: Bob Hunton reported the solar system for the pool is functioning well, and he is still experimenting to get it correctly adjusted. There have been a couple of complaints of the pool being too cold a few mornings, but it seems to warm up fairly rapidly. The problem is coordinating the solar heater with the gas heater, which requires a fine adjustment. Because the solar heater is new, coordinating the two will take some time. All else is well with the pool and ramada areas.

Hospitality Committee: Scottie Blum reported the Committee has had some successful events over the summer and a hamburger night is in the works. There is also likely going to be an Oktoberfest toward the end of October. There is a plan in the works to do some upgrading to the counter area at the ramada to add a double sink and hot water.


Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported on the need to be sure someone has been appointed to keep an eye on your water connections in you home when you are away. There have some recent difficulties in EE due to leaks that sprang when the residents were away for the summer. She also recommended to the Board that the area immediately adjacent to the pool/ramada entrance be designated a loading and unloading zone only, which suggestion was adopted by the Board. The curb will be painted yellow and a sign will be posted.

Enhancement Committee: Lois Blacker reported the committee has $2671.51 in the bank, and has no current projects. When the balance of the committee returns, in late October, they will likely adopt one or more to work on over the winter.

Old Business: Tom Cooke reported that the commemorative brick ordered for the Fallons has been installed at the ramada.

He also mentioned only one proposed change had been received from a resident in response to the solicitation for requested changes to the CC&Rís, and that it was undecipherable. What future action may be taken on changes to the CC&Rís is uncertain at this time.

Joe McMahon asked that the references to the word "proxy" in the CC&Rís be eliminated due to the fact the Arizona legislature has outlawed the use of proxy votes for HOAís. Joe also stated that his proposal to have a mail-in vote on a special assessment is impractical due to this change in the law, and that the proposal should be tabled and reconsidered for possible submission at the annual meeting.

New Business:

Joe McMahon moved to make the ramada and the pool area smoke free, which was seconded by Ken Miller. The motion was unanimously passed. Signs will be posted in both areas.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm