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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

September 20, 2010

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Bruce Liljegren, Joan Moreaux, Bob Hunton, Stoney Brown, and Dean Hess.

Board members absent: Absent but excused were Joe and Barb McCalpin and Sam Barnard.

Announcements: There were no announcements

Acceptance of previous minutes: There were no corrections to the June meeting minutes, which are considered approved.

Treasurerís Report: Joan Moreaux gave the Treasurerís Report. There have been some issues with the present HOA accountant not getting reports and other work done timely, and Joan is looking around at the possibility of a change in accounting firms. The tax returns due the state and federal government have been filed. There were some over budget issues this month with the tall tree and common area materials accounts due to the need to remove a Eucalyptus that was posing a danger, and some gravel work done around the pool and a couple other areas. Joan is circulating a sign-up sheet for the budget committee to plan for the next year.

Committee Reports:

Architectural: Bob Hunton gave the report. A complaint about a plastic drain pipe that was extending over a patio wall has been dealt with, and Bob has volunteered to paint a back gate that is in need of work. Three other pending issues involving paint issues are as follows:

793 Regalo: wrong color on a parapet--owner talked to and agreed to remedy.

152 Napa: wrong color on front gate. It will be painted by a volunteer.

155 Napa: wrong color on garage door. Owner will be contacted.

Capital Projects: No report

Common Areas: Stoney Brown reported on the weed situation, which is gradually being brought under control. Tom Cooke reported a bid from a commercial company on treating all common areas in the subdivision was rejected as being too high. It was over $10,000 each 6 months. Thus Stoney advises we will continue with our own crews and volunteers to get the situation back to normal.

GVCCC: Dean Hess attended the last meeting in Joeís absence.

Neighborhood Relations: Peace and harmony is prevailing.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported new gravel has been placed around the swimming pool and in Sunset Park, and looks very nice. The pool enclosure watering system has had a couple of repairs done over the summer and now appears to be functioning correctly.

Hospitality: No report

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported on some organizational changes she is working on.

Enhancement Team: No report

Old Business: There was no old business.

New Business: The September Periodico will appear shortly, by our new editor, Denise Roessle.  Dean Hess has agreed to act as the backup representative to the GVCCC, to replace Bruce Liljegren, who has resigned from the position.

Miscellaneous Items: Tom Cooke asked the Board members to be thinking about candidates for the Board election to be held in January.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.


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