Minutes of Meetings


Minutes of 2008 Annual Meeting


Esperanza Estates Homeowners Assoc., Inc.

Minutes of Annual Meeting

January 21,2008

The 30th Annual Meeting of the EEHOA was called to order at 1:07 PM by Thomas Cooke, President.

President Cooke recognized and welcomed new residents and residents attending the Annual Meeting for the first time.

The President declared a quorum present and the Agenda was adopted as presented.

Minutes of the January 15, 2007 meeting were approved after the typographical error was
corrected. (Correction: January 15, 2007 meeting was adjourned at "2:3 8 PM", not 1:38 PM.)

The President introduced the Board members, and called upon Robert Frost to introduce the candidates nominated for the three (3) open Board seats. The nominees were: Bruce Liljegren, Robert Hunton and Thomas Cooke.

Mr. Frost called for nominations from the floor; hearing none, nominations were closed and the tellers retired to count the ballots.

Treasurer Joan Moreaux gave the Treasurerís Report and answered questions.. A copy of the Treasurerís Report is on file with the Board of Directors.

Board Committee Reports: . . . . .

Steve Brown reported on Maintenance & Operations improvements to common grounds and weed spraying project. . .. . .,

Ken Miller reported on Architect Control projects.

Robert Frost reported on Capital Projects which include pool cover, solar panels and tennis court repairs. . . .

Robert Hunton reported on Recreation parties/activities held in the Ramada, additional furniture purchased for the Ramada and noted that the tennis court would be resurfaced in 2008.

The President stated that the Monday Morning Memo continues to reach many residents and he noted that the idea for the MMM came from Bruce Liljegren.

Tellers reported on the election ballots: Of the 352 lots, 250 votes were cast. Results:

Thomas Cook, 185 votes; Robert Hunton, 188 votes; Bruce Liljegren, 201 votes.

Thomas Cooke, Robert Hunton and Bruce Liljegren were declared elected to the Board of Directors. An organizational meeting for the new Board will follow immediately after the Annual Meeting.

Standing Committees:

Scottie Blum reported on Hospitality and noted the upcoming Valentineís Party.

Lois Blacker reported on Enhancement, reminding everyone of the upcoming garage sale on March 1, 2008, to be held at the Ramada.

Mary Beth Wallace reported on Neighborhood Watch and reminded everyone of the importance of putting the personal medical information card on their refrigerator.

Tellers reported the ballot results of the Special Assessment: Yes, 158; No, 87. The Special Assessment was declared passed. The assessment can be paid either in a lump sum of $165, or in three (3) equal payments of $55 each, payable by March 1 ~, May 1 ~, and July 1st, 2008. This Special Assessment is to save the HOA the interest charges which would accrue on the loan for the construction of the Ramada.

The President announced that Sheila Bennen is retiring from the Board of Directors after serving nine (9) years in various positions with the Board. Sheila was presented with a plaque in appreciation of her years of dedicated service to the Esperanza Estates community and received a standing ovation from the homeowners A reception for Sheila will be held at the Ramada following the Annual Meeting.

After questions, comments and announcements, motion was made and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:28 PM.


Jerry R. Allen
Recording Secretary pro tern

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