Minutes of Meeting


Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

October 20th, 2008

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Joe McCalpin, Barb McCalpin, Bruce Liljegren, Joan Moreaux, Ken Miller, Stoney Brown and Sam Barnard.

Board members absent: Absent but excused was Bob Hunton.

Announcements: There were no announcement, and no new members present.

Acceptance of previous minutes: The September minutes were corrected to note that as of the end of September the sum due on the special assessment was actually $990, and not the sum reported. As corrected, the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Joan Moreaux gave the treasurer’s report. She provided details of the current financial statements, and reported generally the HOA is operating under budget to this point in the year. A number of accounting items on the financial statements were explained. A meeting of the budget committee will be scheduled sometime later this month, and another in the next month to work on the 2009 budget. Some of our service contracts should be looked at and possibly re-bid.


Architectural: Bob Hunton was not present at the meeting, but had completed a survey of all of the back gates in the entire subdivision to determine their condition, and had made available copies of his written report. A discussion was held as to the next step to take, and it was determined to hold off until next month when Bob will be here to hear his recommendations. Some members felt that Bob may have a plan to communicate to the owners of those homes needing corrective work on their gates. Bob observed as a result of his survey that about 75% of all the back gates in EE are metal, replacing the original wooden gates. 8 of the gates are beyond repair and need replacement; 4 need repair, and 12 need repainting.

Capital Projects: Barb McCalpin reported that there are no ongoing capital projects currently, but that the budget committee needs to take a realistic look at future capital requirements and try and come up with a plan for implementation. It was decided that a second meeting for consideration of capital projects would be held sometime over the next month.

Common Areas: Stoney Brown reported that the weeds are pretty well finally now under control, and all areas have been sprayed. The project now is to remove the dead weeds, which is underway in several areas. The AAA crews will be working on quad yards for the next couple of weeks, as several are in serious need of maintenance. The crews will also begin removal of the Mexican Birds of Paradise that proliferate around the subdivision.

GVCCC: Bruce Liljegren reported briefly on the recent GVCCC activities. He will put an article in the next Periodico about ongoing matters involving GVCCC.

Neighborhood Relations: Peace and harmony is presently prevailing, and no problems are reported.

Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported on the purchase of a Versacourt surface for the tennis court from a homeowner in Queen Creek. The cost was $6500 and the installation an additional $1200. The new value of the court is approximately $28,000, so it is an exceptional value. Before purchase the court was inspected by Tom Cooke and Sam Barnard, who made a special trip for this purpose. The Versacourt surface is 2 years old, but in excellent condition. It has been installed on our court, and the court is playable, but some additional tiles are needed to complete it. Authority for the purchase was sought by use of an informal poll, as provided by the CC&R’s, with a majority of the Board approving the purchase. This was needed because of an extreme time constraint involved. Upon motion of Joe McCalpin, seconded by Ken Miller, the Board approved the purchase with one abstention. The surface of the old court--which was in terrible condition--has now been covered with the Versacourt tiles, and looks exceptionally good. The normal life span of a Versacourt surface is 25 years, and the Board is hopeful this will put the tennis court behind us as an issue for years into the future.

Hospitality Committee: Sam Barnard reported the first Fall Hamburger Nite was held recently and was successful. More are planned for November and a party of some type is set for December, with details still being worked out. Financially the Committee is in good shape.

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported. Reports of burglaries are being heard, and all are urged to stay alert and report suspicious activities, as well as review your own security measures. At this point in time there does not appear to be any other action we can take.

Enhancement Committee: Geri Lindberg reported the Committee has $2917.74 on hand. A thank you letter has been received from Median Green for a donation to their campaign to spruce up Green Valley’s street medians.

Tess Ewing reported on the plans the Committee has for the fall and winter season, involving improvements to the Ramada kitchen area, and for the fund raising activities they have planned. These will include the Christmas Gift Boutique, and the Spring garage sale to be held in early March. Currently an effort is being made to locate additional storage space for the donated articles, as the tennis shed is nearly full now. For the Boutique, neighboring subdivisions will be invited as well to shop. The Committee is also working on plans for a First Day Party for New Year’s Day at the Ramada, as they did last year.

Work on the Committee’s wild flower garden area has been completed, located at the corner of Vereda Calma and Portillo.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Tom Cooke reported pool hours will change November 1st and the pool will begin then to be covered at night to conserve heat. As the year progresses and the weather cools, there is a likelihood that the pool morning hours will extended so the pool opens later, as this is the time of day when the most heat is lost. A brief discussion about the annual meeting was held. The location will be the same as last year.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


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