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Esperanza Estates Homeowners' Association

Meeting of the Board of Directors

February 18, 2013

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

Having determined the presence of a quorum, the meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM.  All Board members were present. The minutes from the December meeting were approved with no changes.

I. The Treasurer's report was presented by Joan Moreaux highlighting the monthly expenditures and the year to date totals. A copy of these data are included in the files.

II. Committee Reports

A. Architectural Control: Jim Lindberg presented two homeowner requests: Fred Roeming of 212 Circulo Napa was seeking approval to screen off the garage opening leading to the front entry to the home. The request was approved.  Jim also reported that John McMasters of 754 Calle de Ensalmo wanted to place a small sign with the address of the dwelling near where his driveway meets the street. The Board understands the issue and will resolve it.

B. Capital Projects: Boyd Morse had no report.

C. Common Area Maintenance: Dean Hess reported that extensive work has been done on two new parks (Palo Verde Norte #1 and #2) by the contractor, and with help from the EE Gardeners to move rocks and make planting beds. Work is ongoing at Mesquite Park to add gravel and clean up the area. Gravel is also being spread in alleyways to keep dust and weeds down. Tom Cooke noted that the parkways are being sprayed with pre-emergent herbicide prior to the forecasted rain this week.

D. GVC: Joe McCalpin reported that eight EE residents have volunteered for the Household Hazardous Waste event. Joe also said he would be willing to take pothole reports and would attempt to convert these into County work orders for their repair.

E. Neighborhood Relations: No report.

F. Recreational Facilities: Tom Cooke reported that the Cool Deck replacement at the pool and spa is complete and that the contractor did a good job. The pool cover has become unreliable and will be replaced with one that is rugged enough to stand up to our requirements. The spa cover is shot and needs to be replaced.  During the construction of Esperanza Estates, the developer promised a pool for every 100 homes; sometimes failure to deliver on a promise can be good. Tom also reported that Pickleball program is thriving. Kevin Welsh is the newly designated Court Master.

G. Hospitality: Sam Barnard reported that the next Hamburger Night function has been cancelled in favor of the St. Patrick's Day party.

H. Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace reported that copies of the EE Phone Directory and new email address list are available.

I. Enhancement Team: Barb McCalpin reported that the electric power distribution upgrade for the Ramada kitchen area has been completed by Eric Ellingson, Al Prato, and Ben Sheffield. This project has improved both access to the outlets and distribution of electricity from the main service panel.  Bill Berdine and Bill Pratt have welded and painted a number of the chairs at the Ramada. The Enhancement Team was seeking approval to install a screen at the North end of the Kitchen area to block the wind. The Board approved the measure.  Enhancement is also considering buying and storing chair cushions at the Ramada, for use during social events.

J. Gardeners: Bill Berdine is requesting ideas for plantings at both new parks on Circulo del Norte (Palo Verde Norte #1 and #2.)

K. Public Art: Kevin Welsh reported that the ceramic Turtle/tortoise is complete and requested that the Board approve the chosen location for its installation. The Board approved the location.  A dedication will be made at the installation. Kevin also reported that a drive-in movie will be held at Flag Park, so prepare to bring your golf cart. Lawn chairs will be acceptable.

III. Old Business: Eric Ellingson reported that an affordable method to bring power to a post lamp at the top of Circulo del Norte is available and will be implemented.

IV. New Business:  Board president Ellingson offered a resolution addressing the issue of patios enclosed by three walls and a ceiling being allowed to be painted the color of the dwelling. This resolution, reviewed and approved by the Board's attorney, was approved by the Board and is as follows:

Resolved: if an area of a structure is enclosed by a minimum of three walls and a ceiling, upon the written request of the Owner, the Architectural Control Committee may approve Painting the walls and ceiling by the Owner, using the same color as the masonry color of the residence.
The line of demarcation between these areas and the rest of the residence will be determined by Architectural Control Committee as part of the approval process.

There was some discussion regarding the enforcement of the newly revised CC&Rs concerning parking.  A general approach to obtaining a written request for a temporary dispensation and a means for incentivizing subsequent corrective action will be pursued.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM


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