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Esperanza Estates Homeowners Association


Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 21st, 2007

Esperanza Estates Ramada

Green Valley, AZ

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Thomas Cooke.

Board members present: Ken Miller, Sheila Bennen, Joe McMahon, Robert Frost, Steve Brown and Joan Moreaux.

Board members absent: Joe McCalpine

Appointment of New board member: Board member Jim Sage resigned in April, and it was necessary to appoint a new member to fill his term. Robert Hunton was nominated by Robert Frost, and the nomination was seconded by Ken Miller. Upon the question being called, Mr. Hunton was unanimously elected and immediately joined the Board.

Acceptance of previous minutes: Joe McMahon moved for the acceptance of the April 16th regular and the April 19th special meeting minutes, and Steve brown seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Treasurers report: Joan Moreaux gave the treasurers report. The HOA is $7551.67 over budget at this time, due mainly to higher than anticipated costs for natural gas for the pool and a few one time expenditures. The Home Tour earned $1102, which will be used for ramada upgrades. Three people remain delinquent on annual assessment payments and registered letters are being sent as part of the follow-up procedure. One of these will be paid through an existing escrow.


Architectural: Ken Miller reported that one request has been received for the raising of front and rear patio walls for privacy, and to install an arch over the front gate. Approval was given. It was noted that a number of garage doors and light standards are in need of painting, and an article will be placed in the Periodico. Ken will also be checking back gates to determine those in need of repair, and will advise the owners.

Capital Projects: Bob Frost stated he had no report. Tom Cooke gave an update on the new solar panels for the pool, which will be installed sometime in the next couple of weeks. It is a better system than we had an will not require draining in the colder weather, as the old one did. The entire cost of the installation is being born by the HOAs insurance carrier

Common Areas: Steve Brown reported that all is going well in the common areas. Some areas near the intersection of Vereda Calma and Regalo have been cleared out for the first time in many years and are looking very nice. The palm trees in the common areas will be trimmed shortly.

GVCCC: Sheila Bennen reported that an ambulance should be called for any medical transport to a Tucson Hospital, due to the closure of the exit ramps off of Interstate 10.

A water seminar will be held at the library on June 14th.

The La Posada facility has sent a report to the Union Pacific RR seeking repair work on the tracks that run near their facility, due to their deteriorated condition and the fact the tracks are heavily used.

A full report on the recent activities of the GVCCC will appear in the next Periodico.

Neighborhood Relations: No report.

Recreational Facilities: Robert Hunton reported he had found some significant leaks in the pool equipment room and had reported them to the pool service company we use, and that repairs had been made. It appears likely that significant work will be necessary on the pool equipment in the not too distant future, due to its age.

Hospitality Committee: Norma Stanley reported the Committee has a bank balance of $1710.30. The next activity will be a Fourth of July festival, probably a pot luck.

Neighborhood Watch: Mary Beth Wallace asked that residents leaving for the summer be sure to check out with block captains. She has received between 45 and 60 updates over the past 6-8 weeks.

Enhancement Committee: No report.

Old Business: There was no old business for discussion.

New Business: Tom Cooke reported that Bob Fallon, who has managed the Periodico for many years, had retired, and that Arleen Boyuls had agreed to accept the position. It was suggested the HOA purchase a memorial brick for Bob and his wife, Helen, and place it in the ramada. Joe McMahon moved and Steve Brown seconded a motion to do so, and it passed unanimously.

John Meek has requested repairs be done on the steps leading to the tennis court from the east, and that they be replaced by a ramp type structure. Ken Miller and Steve brown were asked to look into this and report back at the next meeting.

The question of street light fixture replacement was discussed and it was determined that some action needs to be taken on this, but it will be deferred to a future time.

Joe McMahon presented three proposals for further study. The first of these involves the appointment of a committee to review possible changes to the CC&Rs of the subdivision, and in particular in the following areas: driveway uniformity, a general election for capital projects involving over $20,000 of Association funds, and a limitation on the future increases of the annual assessment. Following a discussion, it was moved by Joe McMahon, and seconded by Joan Moreaux and passed to appoint an ad hoc committee consisting of 7 people (three from the Board and four non-Board residents) to review all areas of the CC&Rs for any possible changes that might be appropriate. The Board president will appoint the committee within a reasonable time in the future, in order that a report can be made within sufficient time for any appropriate action to be taken before the annual meeting.

The next item involved possible implementation of a one time capital utilization fee to be charged to new purchasers within EE, in the sum of $400 as a part of the closing of escrow. The theory of this charge is that it would partly offset the cost of the capital improvements within the subdivision at the time the property was acquired. These funds would become a part of the general fund of the HOA, to be used as appropriated within the annual budget. A motion to form an ad hoc committee to study how this could be best implemented within the framework of the CC&Rs was made by Joe McMahon and seconded by Joan Moreaux, and passed. It is uncertain if this would require an amendment to the CC&Rs, or if it would be possible to provide for it in another way, and this will be studied by the committee

The third item moved by Joe McMahon was for the levying of a one time special assessment not to exceed $200, to pay off the indebtedness on the ramada construction in order to save future interest expense. This would be accomplished by a special ballot mailing to all residents, with a return in time for implementation by the board not later than the November Board meeting. The assessment could be paid in a lump sum or in five installments over 5 months. Ken Miller seconded the motion. The vote was one abstention, one no vote, and 4 in favor.

It was noted that in the event the capital utilization fee needed a vote of the residents, that it could also be included on the same ballot.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.